Dear Chris,

I apologize for not having finished a WP on Search for Life on Exoplanets. 

Hope you can use my slides [from Toronto Town Hall]

But here is a brief summary of Canadian efforts that are starting to
build a national Astrobiology program (alson mentioned in slides)

1.  NSERC Create funded program ("Canadian Astrobiology Training
           Program"): (330K/yr - 6 years started 2009)-
           Lyle Whyte (PI) McGill with universities:
           McGill, Toronto, OI/ McMaster, Western, and U. Winnipeg.

2.  CIFAR:  2nd workshop on Astrobiology will be held in Fall 2010.
            We don't know if we will be invited to put in a full
            proposal until after that is over.

3.  Origins Institute, McMaster:  We have an Astrobiology research
           program with 2 funded postdocs in the field, undergrad
           training, and a strong visitors program.  We spearheaded
           the very first proposal to NSERC (MRS application) and staged
           Canada's first major conference in the field in 2005.
           We are planning an Astrobiology Ph.D. program as well.

4.  CSA "CARN" network:  This supports microbiology studies at analogue
          sites in Canada.

If you want to read a European paper about importance of search for life,
there is an excellent paper by M. Fridlund et al, 2010, AsBio 10, 113 F
which is about "Roadmap for Detection and Characterization of Other Earths".  It shows how TPF fits into complete exploration picture.  It
is a readable shortish paper that backs up several points that I was making in my own talk.

Ralph [Pudritz]