Education Notes


CASCA E/PO is going electronic!

A new initiative by the E/PO committee is bringing Canadian astronomy outreach into the 21st Century. In the aims of reaching a new generation of tech-savvy Canadians, a Facebook group is in the process of being developed (called: Canadian Astronomy) and a Twitter account has been set up (username: @Canadastro). These media work best when many people join and spread the word. Please help us by joining/following these new initiatives! As always, suggestions for content are welcome.


Galilean Nights: Oct. 22-24, 2009

Building on the success of the 100 Hours of Astronomy back in April, the latest cornerstone project of the International IYA2009 committee is Galilean Nights – events to be held around the world to observe two of Galileo’s initial telescopic targets: the Moon and Jupiter (along with its Galilean moons). Most of the events will be based on sidewalk astronomy-style presentations, but getting professional astronomers involved is key to ensuring success. See the Canadian IYA2009 webpage ( or Jim Hesser’s report in this issue of E-Cass for more information on how you can get involved.


CASCA-Westar Lectureship Series

With the IYA2009 Galileo Lecture Series experiencing tremendous success this year, the CWL series has been taking a bit of a respite. We are now gearing up for more promotion of the project for 2010. If you are interested in becoming a potential CWL speaker, please email Heather at for more information. This is a fantastic opportunity to travel throughout Canada and present to communities that otherwise would not have access to a professional astronomer.