Heritage Committee Report, June 1999

Very little to report from Heritage. Both Alan Batten and I have been busy reading papers and publishing articles on historical matters. The committee provided the text for Michael De Robertis to deliver at the Chicago AAS centennial meeting. My chapter on Canadian astronomy is included in the AAS centennial volume edited by David DeVorkin.

There has been some discussion in the committee as to whether CASCA's 30th anniversary should be celebrated in some way at the McMaster meeting, but there was no enthusiasm.

I asked Michael about terms of office for committee members. He is under the impression that there are no set terms for Heritage. It would be useful if the Board would clarify this issue for us.

New blood could be useful, though no one ever seemed to be interested, and the current members have to be cajoled to remain! If anyone shows interest, I'm sure a sitting member would be more than happy to vacate his seat.

I discussed the 30th with Michael (and other matters concerning committee inactivity and my reluctance to carry on as a mere time-server; he said he'd take it up with the Board). He feels that if the Long-range planning report is acted upon, there may be some greater scope for this committee.

Richard A. Jarrell