CASCA: Heritage Committee Report

Report of The CASCA Heritage Committee (1997-98)

The Heritage Committee has not been active during the past year. I had
suggested to the Board in my last, or next last, report that it might wish
to designate an official spokesperson to take greetings and congratulations
to the American Astronomical Society at its centennial meeting next year in
Chicago. If it does so, it would be convenient to name a senior member of
CASCA who expected to attend the meeting in any event. I will be there in
my capacity as a member of the AAS Centennial Committee. 

CASCA's own thirtieth anniversary will be coming up in 2001. It might not
be too early to begin thinking of some special activities for the meeting
that year and/or a series of commemorative articles for the JRASC.

Membership remains the same (Batten, Fernie, Jarrell, Milone). 

Richard A. Jarrell, Chair


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