The Origins of Structure in the Universe

Canadian Astronomy and Astrophysics in the 21st Century
Volume II: Advisory Papers to the NRC-NSERC Long Range Planning Panel


A.1 CASCA Radio Astronomy Committee Report (postscript)
A.2 CLAR Proposal
A.3 CLAR Science Case (postscript)
A.4 Extended Galactic Plane Survey
B.1 CASCA Optical and Infrared Advisory Committee Report
B.2 WF8m Proposal
B.2 WF8m Proposal (postscript version)
B.3 DAO Enhancement
C.1 CASCA Joint Subcommittee for Space Astronomy
     Report (postscript)
C.2 NGST Proposal
C.3 FIRST/Planck Proposal
D.1 Computation Committee Report (postscript)
D.2 CADC Proposal
E CASCA Theory Committee Report (postscript)
F CASCA Education Committee Report
G University Experimental Astrophysics Centers
     Proposal (postscript)
H Economic Impact Study