Graduate Student Workshops in Quebec

Every year the students from the astronomy groups in the province of Quebec organize the Grad Students' Astronomy Workshop. In turn, the students of Laval, L’Université de Montréal, or McGill host this eventful retreat. The philosophy behind the workshops is to introduce the new students to the astronomy activities going on in the province, while at the same time offering the more senior students an opportunity to reveal the progress of their research; either casually over dinner, or in the form of an oral presentation. The presentations however, are not limited to scientific research. For example, members of OPIOMM (a team of students who produce an annual calandar using the Télescope du mont Mégantic) consult on the status of the project. As well, the workshop is an excellent forum for discussing topics which are rarely approached at larger conferences, but are nevertheless critical to a graduate student's success, such as tips on data reduction, proposal writing, and using astronomy software.

The 2005 edition is taking place September 26th to 27th, and is being hosted by the students from L'Université de Montréal.

To learn more about OPIOMM, please visit the website at:

Louise Edwards
CASCA Graduate Committee Chair