Report of the Theory and Computation Committee of CASCA, November 2002



David Clarke (chair) 2000-2003 Saint Mary's
Martin Duncan 2000-2003 Queen's
David Schade 2002-2005 NRC, CADC
Rob Thacker2002-2005 McMaster


Activities, 12/01-11/02

The committee continues to focus much of its attention on computational needs and issues of the Canadian Astrophysical Community, largely because of its role during the LRP process.

The committee has not met as a whole since the LRP was released, although communication continues via e-mail. In October 2002, a committee website hosted by McMaster University and currently maintained by Rob Thacker was posted at This new site is currently an information post, citing the activities and/or intentions of the committee, providing a discussion page to receive ideas, concerns, and feed-back from the community, and several other pages giving information on astrophysical computing resources in Canada, and how Canada stacks up with its G7 partners. There is even a page to get an interested reader started on building a PC-based RAID array.

David Clarke
November 20, 2002