CASCA: Awards Committee Report

Report of The CASCA Awards Committee (1997-98)

During the last year, the committee awarded the Carlyle S. Beals Award
to Gordon A. H.  Walker of the University of British Columbia and the
J. S.  Plaskett Medal to Dean E. McLaughlin of McMaster University for
his thesis "Star Formation in Molecular Clouds and Globular
Clusters". There were five nominations for the Beals award and three
for the Plaskett medal. Both awards will be presented at the Society's
annual meeting at Quebec in May 1998.

In addition, the committee was asked by Mike DeRobertis to consider
whether or not the honoraria which accompany the CASCA awards are
sufficient.  He provided us with figures from Bob Havlen of the ASP
for comparison. The committee concluded that our honoraria do not seem
to be out of line.

The terms of Christine Clement and Jean-Rene Roy will be finished at
the annual meeting this year (1998); Bill McCutcheon and Francois
Wesemael will continue until 2000.  The committee recommends that the
new members be Doug Hube and Marshall McCall.  Both have agreed to
serve for three year terms.  One of the new members will represent the
Royal Astronomical Society of Canada (RASC) and must therefore be an
RASC member. (Christine Clement has been the RASC representative since
1995.) We recommend that the new RASC representative be Doug
Hube. This recommendation has been approved by the RASC National
President Doug George.

Francois Wesemael has agreed to chair the committee for the next year.

                                                  Bill McCutcheon
                                                  Jean-Rene Roy
                                                  Francois Wesemael
                                                  Christine Clement (Chair)

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